a little brother, a wonderful mommy and a gorgeous baby girl

this beauty belongs to paul — who I will always remember as a little brother, and to stormy — one of the most gentle and loving new mommies i’ve ever seen.

paul — i still can see you as an eight-year-old but i’m not surprised that you’ve grown into an adoring dad and caring husband.

stormy — i mean it. you were such a caring and attentive mommy. i watched and listened to your quiet, loving words to your precious little gift. you were as calm as any first-time mom i’ve ever witnessed. it appears you’re a natural!

to both of you — thank you for allowing me to catch a glimpse of miss ainzley on her day 6 birthday ~ she was truly amazing! you have been blessed with a beautiful family!

and since miss ainzley has already been announced, i can show you her birth announcement…

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