mud puddles, stopping time and a promise to myself

one day this past spring, it rained the entire day. once it finally stopped, i told the boys to grab their boots and to come on — we were gonna go find some mud puddles! the boys were thrilled. one had rain boots. one had snow boots. neither really cared!

we headed out down the street until we found sufficient depth and away they went, splashing and exploring! away i went — taking pictures, of course…

we don’t spend enough time doing this — just being — getting dirty — exploring — living. we get busy. there isn’t time. it’s too cold. whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. the day i took these pictures is a day i won’t forget. it’s also the day i promised myself that we would have more days like this. they loved it. i loved it. i love them.

xoxoxoxo to my little mud puddlers…time is flying by too fast.

  • Rosie - November 4, 2010 - 7:43 am

    you are right. Memories, one of the best things in life. You do it well!ReplyCancel

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