what brothers look like

• • •   one is goofy and one is serious   • • •   one loves alone time, the other must be accompanied wherever he goes (in the house)   • • •

• • •  one likes to sit and chill, the other is always on the move  • • •   one is constantly thinking, the other is constantly talking  • • • 

• • •  one does not like to wear a shirt, the other sometimes wears two sets of pajamas to bed  • • •

• • •  one always chooses popcorn, the other a candy bar   • • •   one loves chocolate, the other prefers vanilla   • • •

• • •  one always chooses to ride with mom, the other with dad  • • •

these guys…except for the brown hair and brown eyes, it’s sometimes hard to believe they are from the same family! even though they are so different, there are a few things i know for sure ~ i’m so happy they have each other, i’m so grateful they are mine and at the end of the day, if one says “i love you” to the other, it makes my heart smile when the other says it back!

this is my january post as part of a fun project I’m doing with some other local photographers! we are all blogging at the end of each month and the theme of your post has to be “what _____ looks like” (obviously, you have to fill in the blank). the images have to be candid images of your family and then you link to one of the other photographers that are participating! it’s helping us remember to capture moments of our own families and also is helping us get to know the other photographers participating! so be sure to check out Keri Hurst Schneller’s post too!

  • Andrea Beltz - February 21, 2013 - 9:19 pm

    this is so so so sweet! keep it forever, they will love it!ReplyCancel

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