the kids were here ~ november 2013

my poor, poor blog has been a bit neglected for the last couple of months! this is good and bad ~ bad for the obvious reason that i haven’t gotten any pics up here recently but good because it means i’ve been busy AND it means that in the coming months there will be an overload of awesome families and seniors hitting the blog!! so stay tuned for that!

for now ~ i’m back in the groove of participating in a project with other local photographers called “the kids were here,” which is intended to help us document life’s everyday details (including the messes). life moves so quickly and our kids grow so fast and this project will help us always remember and appreciate our hectic and even a little chaotic lives as they are now. this project is also helping our group get to know each other even better so don’t forget to check out my beautiful friend Angie Jackson’s post as well!

so ~ a few things in my life that are almost always a sure thing…

1. if a movie comes on tv and we have toys associated with that movie, they are like new again! 2. with all the electronic devices, there is sure to be a mess of cords somewhere (or everywhere). 3. there is a laundry basket full of clothes that need to be put away. 4. the hangers in the boys closet are always a mess (drives me crazy). 5. there is usually a bedroom somewhere that still has signs of a sleepover. 6. signs of the latest fad are usually apparent. 7. clothes on the floor ~ yes, always… 8. clearly the mom in the house is not perfect (earrings left on the mantel and mounds of pictures waiting to be put in albums)!

which brings me to the most important sure thing of all ~ life is perfectly imperfect!! cheers to life’s little imperfections!

the kids were here project

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