the kids were here ~ january 2014

how is it already 2014? it’s the end of january which means it’s time for “the kids were here” ~ a project with other local photographers which is intended to help us document life’s everyday details (including the messes). life moves so quickly and our kids grow so fast and this project will help us always remember and appreciate our hectic and even a little chaotic lives as they are now. this project is also helping our group get to know each other even better so don’t forget to check out my amanda gardner’s post as well!

it seems there may be a bit of a transition happening in my house right now. to be very honest, there are plenty of little messes right now but instead of the little messes, today i’m focusing on a big mess. this particular mess is living in my kitchen right now and it came from the basement. the basement houses most of the toys in our house and we are in the process of a tiny transition. we are getting rid of items because instead of the little kitchen to cook on, it’s being used as a shield for nerf fights. and the birthday cake happens to be used as ammunition…

so it’s time for the basement to grow up, just a bit. it’s something i believe i’ve been resisting for quite some time (and i’m not ashamed to admit it). now, you’ll see an image of a ride-on hungry hippo that was all set to go to a new house, but someone has discovered that the kitchen floor may be the place to use said hippo…so he may be sticking around a while longer! and that is just fine with me!

stay warm friends!


the kids were here project

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