the kids were here ~ March 2014

let me first explain that i’m a bit overprotective of my kids. when i take those quizzes online about what kind of parent i am, i get the word helicopter back. my mom friends call me marlin — you know, from Finding Nemo. Whatever!

i’m trying to give my oldest (he’s 11) a little more freedom (not much) so i’ve been letting him do some things around the kitchen in the last several months. one thing he’s taken over is mixing pancake batter and then i will cook them — you know, because letting him be around a hot stove is too much for me. so this morning, his more experienced friend (who has older siblings) was here and said he cooks pancakes at his house. so i let them go. they successfully made pancakes for themselves and the two 7-year-olds as well! i was about 10 feet away in the next room (what did you expect)…

it was a success! now, the next lesson is cleaning up the mess afterward (though it really wasn’t too bad)…


it’s my march 2014 post for “the kids were here” ~ a project with other local photographers which is intended to help us document life’s everyday details (including the messes). life moves so quickly and our kids grow so fast and this project will help us always remember and appreciate our hectic and even a little chaotic lives as they are now. this project is also helping our group get to know each other even better so don’t forget to check out my friend jill gum’s post as well!

the kids were here project

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