jolie ~ a birth story

this little beauty gave her mommy a bit of a hard time during her arrival. a bit more than 24 after the process started, she arrived. everyone was so relieved when she arrived and just as expected, she was perfection!

congrats to this super hero mommy and daddy! what an arrival day she gave you!

welcome to the world beautiful little jolie ~ thanks for letting me witness you getting here! it was such an honor! hugs to all of you!

this first image ~ how does someone look so completely gorgeous after 24 hours of labor?


  • Angie - November 10, 2014 - 11:10 am

    This is so beautiful!! Birth stories are amazing and I think you captured theirs perfectly.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Yocum - November 10, 2014 - 6:07 pm

    So so so beautiful!!!ReplyCancel

  • shannon - November 11, 2014 - 2:09 pm

    amazing!! the ones after baby is born and the tears in moms eyes!? stop it!! SOOOO beautiful!!ReplyCancel

  • Chrissy - November 11, 2014 - 2:27 pm

    Oh so precious!!! Love these so much, Kim!!ReplyCancel

  • rachel - November 11, 2014 - 3:10 pm

    Ohhh how I have a love for birth photography. Stunning! So beautifully done!ReplyCancel

  • JennyBZ - November 11, 2014 - 10:41 pm

    oh kim!!! you know i love me a good birth story! these are beautiful! you captured these wonderfully and they will treasure them forever! so gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Bobbi - November 12, 2014 - 11:44 am

    Oh my goodness…. I’m in a pile of tears over here! What an incredible slideshow Kim!ReplyCancel

  • maike rinaye - November 12, 2014 - 8:14 pm

    Awww, what a great slideshow! You did a beautiful job photographing this special day!ReplyCancel

  • Megan D - November 13, 2014 - 8:45 pm

    AHHHH!!! I’m IN-LOOOOOVE with this!!! Cry-fest for sure! What a beautiful documentation of a miracle they won’t soon forget. Outstanding job Kim!! Congrats on the arrival of perfect Jolie. She’s gorgeous!!ReplyCancel

  • Faye - November 14, 2014 - 7:46 am

    SO beautiful! I forgot to have kleenex on standby before starting this slide show! Awesome job Kim and congrats to the new mommy and daddy!ReplyCancel

  • Jen Crowe - November 14, 2014 - 2:43 pm

    Lovely birthstory! Just beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Karen - November 14, 2014 - 3:13 pm

    I consider myself a bit of a toughie, but I was tearing up at these absolutely perfect photos! Congrats to the new mom and dad. Kim, so well done… nothing left to say!ReplyCancel

  • Julie Paisley - November 15, 2014 - 1:31 pm

    Oh Kim, so amazing. You covered this perfectly. Just wow.ReplyCancel

  • Caitlynn - November 16, 2014 - 4:24 pm

    That was perfectly beautiful. So happy they asked you to photograph one of the most important days of their lives. Congrats to mom and dad!ReplyCancel

  • Micah - November 18, 2014 - 9:10 pm

    Kim, these photos are incredible! They so so perfectly capture every moment of this amazing day in this family’s life! Great work!ReplyCancel

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