Annie is a senior at Sacred Heart-Griffin High School and is currently super busy tearing up the volleyball court! Annie’s mom hung out with us during the session and let me tell you — mom is gonna miss her girl like crazy! She was so sweet and almost cried a few times during the session (I feel you mom)!

Annie has amazing style and I think I’ll take one of each outfit she wore! Her smile must light up every room she walks into!

Thank you so much for asking me to take your senior pictures!! I’ll keep an eye out for the volleyball highlights because I know your name will be in them! Good luck and be sure to let me know when your boutique opens — I’ll come shop!! 🙂

Have the best senior year!! {Be sure to scroll to bottom to learn more about Annie.}


FIVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Kind, Hardworking, Positive, Trustworthy, Faithful

ONE THING YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT? I would not be able to live without my family!

DESCRIBE YOUR PERFECT DAY? My perfect day would start by waking up to an amazing breakfast with my family, hopefully pancakes 🙂 Then I would go to a beach somewhere with my closest friends to play a little volleyball and relax. There would be a little shopping at some point in the day of course. Finally, I would finish the day with a good movie with my friends or family.

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM JOB? My dream job would either be to operate a very successful clothing boutique or to work as a radiology technician in a great hospital.

WHAT WILL YOU MISS MOST ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL? I will miss all my amazing friends and the memories we shared together because, at SHG, we were like a family. That will definitely be the biggest aspect of high school I will always cherish!

  • shannon - August 31, 2016 - 11:06 am

    she is stunning!! and the best smile ever, i might add!!
    love everything about them….playful, fun and gorgeous!!!ReplyCancel

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Danielle is such a beautiful girl!! I remember photographing her group of friends as freshmen going to homecoming! Time flies!

Danielle is continuing her swimming career at the University of Indianapolis and I cannot wait to hear how she does! Because it’s such a huge part of her life, we got up bright and early for the swim portion of her session!

I’m in love with so many of her images — so many all-time favorites from her session!

Good luck Danielle!! This first image — LOVE IT!!!!!!! Who am I kidding — I’m so proud of all of these images!!


Yes — you read it right — class of 2016! I have a handful of graduates still to blog! I’m on it!

This is David, not to be confused with his older brother Daniel! Here’s the deal with these two brothers — they are both amazing runners and David is now joining Daniel to run for Southeast Missouri State! Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Good luck boys!!! Send me updates mom!

If you scroll all the way to the end, you’ll see his #1 fan too! 🙂


I’m so happy this mom asked me to photograph her family! Our session was just before both of the kiddos (I can call them that no matter how old they are) headed out for their own adventures — one leaving the house to be on his own and the other headed back to college!

As I sit here and think about them and the stage of life this family is entering, I realize it’ll be here for my family before I know it. So today, as I send mine off to the first day of school, I sit here appreciating the quiet house but missing the noise, I’m sending some hugs out to all those others to help you get through whatever stage you are in at this moment! Because when it gets quiet is when you miss the noise the most!

Thank you so much Shelley family!!!


The one on the right below, their mouths look identical!!




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I can’t even remember the first time I met Bev but I just loved her from the beginning! She’s such a genuine person and such a hard worker! I hope she had as much fun during her session as I did!! I LOVED every second and hope these images help her realize how beautiful she is and also help remind her 20 years from now!! I just cannot wait to see and hear about all the amazingness that comes from this girl!!

She answered a few questions for me so you could get to know her just a little better! Scroll to the bottom to see!! Thank you SO much Bev!!! I hope you love them!



As we ended, we witnessed the most beautiful sunset! SOOOO pretty!


FIVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Catholic, Athletic, Intelligent, Sarcastic, Mature


DESCRIBE YOUR PERFECT DAY? Waking up to see the sunrise after sleeping well, having a simple yogurt breakfast with fruit, going to mass, reading a good book, having a picnic for lunch, going to FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid soccer game, going to a nice restaurant for dinner, watching the sunset. The weather would be warm and sunny without much humidity. Most importantly, I would get to see all of my loved ones throughout the day.

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM JOB? Team doctor for a professional or national soccer team


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    Beverley’s a beautiful girl inside and out, her comments at the end of the post are inspiring! She rocked all her looks in her senior portraits, Kim you’re the best!ReplyCancel

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