lifelong friends, the best nickname, and kiddos too beautiful for words

i know it hasn’t been forever — but it seems that way. we’ve been friends for as long as my memory reaches. i can’t remember my life before i knew her and i can’t imagine my future without her. she’s that kind of friend. the kind that sticks. the kind you can go weeks without talking to and pick right back up, any time, any day. she’s the kind you wish only the best for and the kind you challenge yourself to be like.

this girl, my friend, has taught me more than i even know. i was supposed to play that role, seeing as how i’m older. but i got the better end of this deal. she’s the one that reminded me it’s okay to be yourself and she insisted on it.

she’s also the friend who has the best, most unique nickname i’ve ever known. and — i like unique!

she’s the kind of friend who has beautiful children. and the kind who lets you take pictures of those beauties.

thanks to my friend with the most wonderful nickname ever. i love you! you too ryan!

who is that friend for you?

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