Doing my small part to leave the world
just a bit prettier (and a bit better)
than I found it ...
AND A LITTLE IN BETWEENPhotography and graphic design

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a bit
in between
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"Kim — you have such a gift for capturing

the best in everyone ..."


"You are a master of the senior photo — these are stunning! Absolutely breathtaking images!"


"I don't even know what to say, you are wonderful! Never doubt your work ... it's beyond amazing!"

"LOVE!! These images look like they are

straight out of a magazine! Well done!"


"Kim! Your senior sessions make me soooo happy! Every session is perfection! You really make people comfortable in front of the lens and have fun!"


"Your fresh perspective, collaborative demeanor and talent makes you a favorite to work with ..."

"You have made so much difference in our quality, creativity, process, mindset, branding lll and you are always so easy to work with. You have talent and professionalism and are a crucial part of our team."


"Your willingness to challenge ideas to find the best solution is what every creative team needs"