kim nehrt

(In other words Kimmi ...)

I live in the Midwest but prefer a visual of the ocean and

sand everywhere (in case you wondered ...)


My original creative outlet was graphic design but photography shortly followed.


I love making words and ideas come to life along with a team of amazing people!

Here we go!


I'm a Canon girl and specialize in photographing high school seniors! I'm self taught and prefer to be behind the camera, instead of on the other side (hence the cute watercolor image above)!

graphic design

With 25+ years of experience, there isn't much I haven't done in terms of graphic design. But there is always more to learn and I love a good challenge that stretches my abilities!

other projects

I love when I get inspired to create something that isn't my specialty. Generally, these are personal projects and usually land somewhere in my home. Maybe someday, they'll see their way into the world!