the number 10, a happy baby, and a piece of my heart

she’s 10 today — did you hear me? she’s T-E-N!! how is that possible? ten short years ago she arrived. my tiny niece. the most perfect baby ever seen by my eyes. she always smiled. her mom talks about how she slept through the night, almost immediately. i know — ridiculous!

this little girl — this 10-year-old, is the birthday girl today.

i love her more than she ever may know. i have two boys, so her and her sister (who’s birthday is later so stay tuned for that) are my girls. they come play and we live close but it’s never enough. i love having them here. and my boys LOVE having them here! they have fun and they fight — they are more like siblings than cousins. that’s fine with me!

sometimes, i pretend they’re mine (don’t tell mom or dad). i do that because i love them so much!

a little more about miss 10-year-old — she was a cute baby. she’s GORGEOUS at 10 years old. she’s smart (like, really SMART). she’s fun. and i can’t wait to see what the years bring! i’m so excited thinking about her future — because it’s bright, so very bright. good things happen to good people — and she is one good little person!

love you more than i can express lulu — happiest of birthdays to you!!