changes, imagining the possibilities and YOU

things changed for me in 2010. i began taking pictures on a more serious level. i studied and learned and i continue to do that. and i love it!

i’m so grateful to those of you who trusted me last year to capture some special moments because as we all know ~ time flies! we try to slow it down knowing we can’t, and we’ll keep trying.

last year was the beginning for me in this adventure and i didn’t want to get overwhelmed with all that can be offered along with a photography business. so i started with the basics. because i’m also a graphic designer, it was a no brainer to offer custom-designed christmas cards and birth announcements. it’s fun for me to pair my design background with photography. i discovered and added a few items along the way like gallery-wrapped canvases and mini-albums, which also allow me to use my design background to provide beautiful, one-of-a-kind products.

i know 2010 was just the beginning of this adventure and as i sit and imagine the possibilities, I send my very biggest thank you to those of you i photographed in 2010! i’m really so appreciative of your confidence and support!

and, because i know this adventure is as much (or more) about you as it is about me, i would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the items you received from me! tell me, tell me — i want to know!