family, tears and a little surprise

these girls — oh what can i say. they are gorgeous (obviously) and they are sweet, and fun. i think we could have extended this session, well beyond time for church (but we didn’t)…because they also are good!

two of these beauties moved away several years ago, not too far — but just far enough. and i know they are missed. yes, very much missed! they know they are! the other lovely, well, i always wondered, if we were just a little closer in age, how would things have been. and then i remember that it’s probably best. because i think, well, we may have had just a little (tiny bit) too much fun together!

these pictures were taken as a little surprise for someone special to them. and i LOVE surprises! and nothing made me happier than to hear that the recipient was pleased with her surprise. so pleased, tears may have been involved.

surprises + tears = happy, HAPPY kimmi!! (as long as they are happy tears!)

and then there is the person who requested the session, for the surprise — and well, she’s very special. she was special before but for the last eight years, she has given me a gift that isn’t repayable in any possible way. and it’s even so much more than just that! she (and he) will forever hold a very special place in my heart. i don’t know what i’ll do without the daily greetings and talks but i have a feeling i’ll be getting them, because i need them. maybe not every day, but often. because we are family, but it’s grown ~ into so much more. and for that, i am so grateful!

and miss m — yes, you shine, so, so much — you all do! i’m so grateful for the time you spent with me and i hope there is more to come! love you all!