neat, original and a serious cool factor

let’s talk about the parents first — you won’t see them here — hopefully some day though, because they are cool parents (should i even say — WAY cooler than me)! they are nice and fun and laid back, and let’s just say, my kids — well, they like to hang out at their house!

the boys — now, they are neat. and that’s just the word that comes to mind. they have a serious cool factor, with a touch of originality. i don’t know what it is exactly, but that’s just them! i like when my kiddos hang out with them. i hope a little bit of that originality rubs off.

these guys do it all — bike, skate, snowboard — oh, they have a couple furry friends too!

thank you so much mom and dad for asking me to take some pics — and thank you boys, for letting me!!