sweethearts, handsome boys and a special girl

a family would be extremely blessed for all three of these things to apply, but they do. the parents found each other early ~ lucky for them! also lucky for them ~ they have three wonderful kiddos to show for it.

now, girls everywhere ~ don’t wait too long when it’s time, because i have a feeling that these boys might just turn into some pretty good guys. and did i mention they are handsome? i don’t need to ~ see for yourself! they were pretty sweet too (don’t worry guys, your secret is safe with me!)

and this little girly girl. well, she stole my heart the very first time i met her. i really just love everything about her! i do believe i tell her mom that every time i see her (and probably will forever)! i have had conversations with this mom, about her kiddos. the way she talks about them tugs at my heart. this is a mom, who l.o.v.e.s her kiddos, with everything she has! i love that!

thank you for letting me capture some moments. we’ll have to do it again ~ maybe it’ll be a little warmer next time…