beautiful girls and a little fun

i can’t wait for you to see these pics! i was SO excited to get to take pics of these girls! and just as i expected, i could have spent the entire day with them (i think they had a little fun too)!

i was really looking forward to getting to know each of them a little better. i see them here and there and knew them to be very sweet, shy and quiet girls. after spending a few hours with them ~ sweet, YES ~ shy and quiet, not so much (totally a compliment : )! our time was filled with fun conversation and maybe a little (sister) comedy…and i may just know a little something about little sister comedy!

we started out at Lincoln Memorial Gardens and then wandered around downtown after a quick refreshment at Del’s Popcorn Shop (yum!!).

girls (and mom and dad) ~ thank you so much for asking me to take pics! i had such a fun time and am happy to know you a little better! you are both beautiful and so much fun! i hope you love your pics!