what turning six looks like

he was just born yesterday ~ now he is six. i can’t even remember things about him when he was just one because it seems like forever ago.

so today, i’ll do my best to take it all in and memorize what he’s like today, because tomorrow ~ he’ll be twenty or something crazy like that!

he turned six on saturday, and here is what i know for sure:

he loves to talk ~ he has curly hair ~ he loves his brother ~ he constantly wants to play baseball (with his dad and brother) ~ he’s kind and thoughtful ~ he would eat only things made with sugar if we let him ~ he’s a cardinal fan ~ he is not eager to learn to ride his bike ~ he’s completely satisfied with staying in the shallow end at the pool ~ he still likes to watch blues clues ~ his nickname is “O” ~ we love him so SO much!!

happy birthday O ~ i hope you had an awesome 6th birthday!! we love you!

this is my second post as part of a fun project I’m doing with some other local photographers! we are all blogging at the end of each month and the theme of your post has to be “what _____ looks like” (obviously, you have to fill in the blank). the images have to be candid images of your family and you have to link to one of the other photographer’s that are participating! it’s helping us remember to capture moments of our own families and also is helping us get to know the other photographers participating! so be sure to check out Danielle Sullivan’s post too!