what making memories looks like

i’m certain (at least i’m hoping), that some of their most favorite childhood memories will come from them just playing! they both love being outside ~ riding bikes, scooters, running, playing basketball or just hanging out. with all of the activities that kids participate in these days, i hope we give them enough of this time ~ just to be!

i snuck my camera out with us a couple times this month and one of them just happened to be the day (yes, there really was just a single day) that it rained! it was like the first snow ~ so exciting and fun!

this is my september post as part of a fun project I’m doing with some other local photographers! we are all blogging at the end of each month and the theme of your post has to be “what _____ looks like” (obviously, you have to fill in the blank). the images have to be candid images of your family and then you link to one of the other photographers that are participating! it’s helping us remember to capture moments of our own families and also is helping us get to know the other photographers participating! so be sure to check out Kindra Boston’s post too!