we make sure to document so many special times in our lives by hiring photographers. but on what is potentially the longest, most exhausting and amazing day, we think we can handle it all AND capture it all on camera! i know when you hear “birth photography,” you might get a certain image in your head, but that isn’t at all what it is. it’s about so much more than that! instead of relying on me to tell you what it might mean for you to have a photographer in your delivery room with you, i’ll let kate’s mom tell you. i asked her to give me some feedback on how it was to have a photographer (me) in her delivery room when she welcomed kate!

“The day Kate was born is, no doubt, the most memorable day of my life. Having pictures of the day was so important to me, but both Matt and I knew that neither of us would be able to capture any of the moments we wanted to remember forever. Although I was nervous about having anyone else in the delivery room for modesty reasons, having a photographer in the delivery room turned out to be the best decision I ever made! The moments Kim captured for us are so much more than priceless. There were so many small things — Matt wearing my socks with his sandals, me sipping on Sprite after Sprite, the looks on our faces at the moment Kate was born — we would have undoubtedly forgotten those things over the years but now we have them captured forever. I also have images of our families’ reactions when Matt told them their granddaughter and niece was here, and that moment is one that I would never have witnessed if Kim hadn’t been there. Now, 3 months after Kate was born, I can look back on the images and actually relive the day (minus the pain) and the emotions that are just too overwhelming to explain in words. I am so grateful that Kim was there with us to capture every moment of this most memorable day.”

And because a blog post wouldn’t be right without a picture (or 50) of sweet little kate,  here is her slideshow again!

kate from Kim Nehrt on Vimeo.