what do these numbers mean? they mean, if it’s even possible, that my little baby is 10 ~ T-E-N years old! i can’t believe it and as a matter of fact, i’m flat out in denial! i mean, just yesterday he was like 2! i’m so proud of my little man in every way and wish, as i do each year, that i could have him longer just the way he is now! below are some recent pics of my guy just the way i’ll remember him from this year ~ happy, healthy and full of fun! thanks to bobbi+mike for capturing them!! happiest of birthdays to one of my favorite people in the whole world! i love every ounce of you more than you can ever know. my wishes and dreams for you are endless!

and since he’s 10, here are 10 things about him:

~ he’s a thinker ~ he’s smart ~ he has a little brother who is his #1 fan ~ he could eat his weight in popcorn, every day ~ he does not like to tie his shoes ~

~ his desk will forever be messy ~ he’s handsome ~ he loves sports (all of them) ~ he works hard ~ he is loved SO MUCH by so many people ~