meet megan ~ 2014 senior rep

this is the beautiful megan and she is one of my 2014 senior reps. she’s gorgeous and nice and athletic and fun and well, you get the idea! i thought it might be fun to get to know megan a little better so i asked her some questions and thought i would share her answers with all of you so you could learn about her amazingness as well! on a side note ~ i’m currently accepting inquiries for 2015 senior reps so if you know someone who might be perfect ~ just have them email me at [email protected] (and thanks)!

now on to meeting megan ~ her full name is Megan Louise Craven but most people call her Meg. she goes to Pleasant Plains High School and her favorite sport is volleyball and her favorite class is art 2 {yayyy for art!}. her favorite movie is Taken and her favorite song is Wanted (by Hunter Hayes). she loves purple and would love to one day become a singer but since God didn’t give her that talent (her words), she instead plans to go to college to become a physical therapist. she is super excited about her senior year and is really looking forward to taking on the leadership role of a senior athlete and helping with the fun aspects like helping design the t-shirts. and for a conversation starter, megan took gymnastics for eight years and the last vertebrae in her back is connected to her hip on one side but not the other…{seriously}.

i know whatever she does ~ she’ll be amazing…thanks for being one of my senior reps megan ~ i cannot wait to take your senior pictures this year!!