a day in the life…

when mom asked if we could start their session a bit later to give her more time to get ready, i instead asked if i could just come and document the preparation ~ kind of like “a day in the life of josie.”

when i arrived, miss josie was still in her jammies and some very fancy shoes and she greeted me at the door ~ and i kind of knew at that point that it was going to be a great session. i’m so thankful that mom trusted me and had me into her home to capture these images that will help them remember some (very important) things forever…things like:

••• mommy fixing josie’s hair ••• josie lining up her lotion bottles ••• josie watching dora with her poptart breakfast ••• that it’s funny to put things on your head ••• how josie uses a little stepstool to climb onto her bed {because she won’t need it forever} ••• josie’s beautiful little girl bedroom ••• josie’s silliness ••• how josie likes to feed her baby {and maybe toss her off the stairs} ••• how much josie loves her mommy ••• that girls really can do anything

things are about to change as they will soon welcome another little person into their lives! i love these images ~ thank you for letting me take them ~ i hope you love them too! and i can’t wait to meet your new arrival!