what today looks like…

i am the person who said i would never use the camera on my phone. sometimes getting the actual camera out just isn’t practical so here i am today telling you that some of the images i capture through the camera on my phone are images that are going to help me remember exactly what things are like today, when my boys are 10 and 6 ~ because tomorrow, they won’t be…

these pictures are all from my instagram account so if you are an instagrammer (is that a word) and want to follow along with me, my instagram name is kimnehrt (i know, original)!

~ a few things that these images will help me remember ~

~ owen sits at the window waiting for mamo when she visits ~ they LOVE their cousins ~ eli is (slightly) addicted to a video game ~

~ they notice beautiful sunsets (this makes me happy) ~ no matter how much seating is available, they all sit in the same chair ~

~ i never sit in a chair alone…ever ~ owen draws on himself and always falls asleep in the car ~ they love, i mean LOVE playing outside ~

~ we went sledding every time it snowed this winter ~ they are good to each other (most of the time) ~

~ they are always wrapped up in a blanket ~ they have good friends ~ the swingset was worth every penny ~

~ sometimes the most surprising thing can make the most fun if you have an imagination ~

this is my post as part of a fun project I’m doing with some other local photographers! we are all blogging at the end of each month and the theme of your post has to be “what _____ looks like” (obviously, you have to fill in the blank). the images have to be candid images of your family and then you link to one of the other photographers that are participating! it’s helping us remember to capture moments of our own families and also is helping us get to know the other photographers participating! so be sure to check out Nikki Zimmerman’s post too!