zach ~ class of 2014

meet zach ~ class of 2014 at Pleasant Plains High School! we started our session at Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish & Wildlife Area and it is SO pretty there! if you want something to do outside (when it’s warm enough), you should definitely head that way ~ tons of bike trails, hiking trails…just a huge open area. it’s gorgeous!

now back to zach ~ he’s so fun ~ his sports are football and track. after our first location, we headed to pleasant plains to the football field/track. zach wasn’t aware but i threw the discus when i was in high school so we had a little competition at the field. i out threw him by a mile! don’t tell him i told you ~ i promised i wouldn’t tell…{jk}! and then as if i didn’t like him enough already, once we got done with the session, he turns to me and says ~ “that was fun!” well, of course it was!

zach ~ i hope your senior year has been ridiculously fun and amazing so far and just gets better!