just for friends…

i’m so excited to offer “friends” sessions starting this year! i look back at pictures that i have from my high school years and while i love them, i so wish that i had images like these to remember times with my best friend! so let me introduce you to maggie and amber…or amber and maggie — i suppose it depends on who you are talking to!

you don’t often hear maggie without amber or amber without maggie! i love that they just were able to be themselves and have a great time during the session! i hope the images help them remember this amazing time of their lives and remind them what true friendship is all about!

thanks to maggie and amber for assisting me during my very first “friends session!” i had a great time ~ hope you did too! maggie and amber are both class of 2016 senior reps for me as well and i cannot wait for their senior sessions this year!! they are both so much fun and such awesome girls!!