old window = perfect art project

my children’s school holds an auction fundraiser each year. it’s always a super fun event and very successful. each grade level puts together an art project as an item for parents to bid on. i’m not sure how many of the art projects i did for my oldest (at least a few) and this year marks the 4th time i’ve been in charge of it for my youngest son! it’s always fun, usually a little stressful, but i always love to hear that it was popular (popular means that it went for a great amount, right!)!

i always intend to share and this year, i actually took some pictures and am doing just that!

so just a little about what i did ~ first, I painted and distressed the window itself. then, i used chalk paint (from Michael’s) to paint the bottom panes. the kids used their fingerprints to make the letters with acrylic paint ~ I printed large letters on regular paper and cut them out to give them a guide. I purchased a large sheet of metal (from Lowe’s) and cut to size for the panes at the top. i used sandpaper to give it some texture before adhering with epoxy. the stickers are from Michael’s as well (scrapbooking area). that’s it ~ a little time consuming but not super hard!

now, what to do with the other windows i have sitting in my house…

art projectart projectart projectart projectart projectart project