Michelle ~ Winchester High School ~ Class of 2016

I was SO excited to get to photograph this young lady!!!! I grew up three doors down from her mom most of my life! I babysat for her uncle (goodness that makes me sound old)! But in all seriousness, when people I’ve known all my life trust me to be their photographer — it’s the biggest compliment and I feel so grateful!!

And now on to Michelle herself — she’s super smart and was such a delight to photograph! I loved chatting with her during our session! She’s such a naturally beautiful girl — inside and out!! I cannot imagine anything but good things coming from her in the future!! In fact, I’m counting on it! All my best to you Michelle!!

Oh one other note — Michelle’s grandma made my wedding cake!! You guys — nothing compares to her cakes!!! I’m telling you, be jealous of this family for getting to eat the best cake EVER for special occasions!!!!

You guys — this first image, the bw — it’s on the all-time favorite list!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!