I can’t even remember the first time I met Bev but I just loved her from the beginning! She’s such a genuine person and such a hard worker! I hope she had as much fun during her session as I did!! I LOVED every second and hope these images help her realize how beautiful she is and also help remind her 20 years from now!! I just cannot wait to see and hear about all the amazingness that comes from this girl!!

She answered a few questions for me so you could get to know her just a little better! Scroll to the bottom to see!! Thank you SO much Bev!!! I hope you love them!



As we ended, we witnessed the most beautiful sunset! SOOOO pretty!


FIVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Catholic, Athletic, Intelligent, Sarcastic, Mature


DESCRIBE YOUR PERFECT DAY? Waking up to see the sunrise after sleeping well, having a simple yogurt breakfast with fruit, going to mass, reading a good book, having a picnic for lunch, going to FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid soccer game, going to a nice restaurant for dinner, watching the sunset. The weather would be warm and sunny without much humidity. Most importantly, I would get to see all of my loved ones throughout the day.

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM JOB? Team doctor for a professional or national soccer team


  • Maike - July 21, 2016 - 1:53 pm

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I had the privilege of meeting Kerby a few years ago for her senior pictures!! Some of her senior pics are on my all-time favorite list which is why I was so excited to have a little session with her after she become the Sangamon County Fair Queen not too long ago!!! And just so you know, it’s kind of in her blood — her mom also was Sangamon County Fair Queen, just a few years ago (right mom…)! I asked Kerby a few questions so you could all learn more about her so let me introduce to you — Miss Kerby Ingram!! 🙂

Why did you compete this year? My family and I were at an auction in Virden and the auctioneer announced to the small crowd that my mom was there as a former Sangamon County Fair queen and I was so shocked that she was still getting attention. My competitive side made me decide I would finally try it. The same auctioneer, Derek Long, was the MC at my pageant this year.

What was the hardest part? As contestants, we sit down with the judges and have a four minute face-to-face interview with them. It was the most difficult for me because there is a lot of pressure surrounding the interview, as it is worth the most points.

What was the most fun part of the pageant? As a swimmer, I have zero coordination and for the pageant, we did a dance production number to “Man, I Feel Like a Woman.” After weeks of practicing in my driveway and living room in front of anyone who would watch, it was so much fun to pull it off perfectly.

What has been the most fun part since being crowned? I was immediately taken to the GrandStand following the crowning and it was incredible to go on stage and announce myself as the new queen! Besides that, just watching every little girl look at me with amazement and love!

Any special people you would like to publicly thank? Of course I have to thank my loving parents, Kurt and Kerry Ingram, who have truly become my best friends throughout this process. I cannot thank them enough for all of their time and effort. My younger brothers, Konnor and Kyle; my grandparents, Ron and Marcia Marr and Tommie Ingram for their support and love. The entire Sangamon County Fair Board for their generosity. My pageant crew that prepped me for a month and for the new family I have gained in the pageant world. My neighbors on Glenwood Avenue and my friends who laughed at me when I said I was doing a pageant but were all with me every step of the way. I’m just so grateful to anyone and everyone who has helped me become the Queenly girl I am today!! 🙂

Kerby — you’re adorable!! It was so much fun seeing you again!! Go do great things!! And also — that Mori Lee gown was a PERFECT choice!!!!

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Let me introduce you to Kim and Darren!! Kim runs Springfield Moms — an extensive online resource for families and the area’s go-to website for what’s happening in the Greater Springfield area! Darren is the superintendent at Auburn schools. Each have two amazing kiddos! Oh and let me tell you about those kiddos — so impressive — sweet, kind and SO MUCH FUN!! I had such a great time with them! Kim and Darren — you are definitely doing something very right!! 🙂

I was so excited when Kim called to say they had changed venues for their ceremony! From what she described, I could tell it would be my favorite type of wedding — small and intimate with tons of emotion! Every single person involved in the day is such an important part of their lives — and who better to have near you on one of the most important days — really any day!

So let me tell you about the location — the Maple Lawn Barn in New Berlin, Illinois. It was completely full of sweet and rustic details — this place is a perfect setting! I loved every inch of it! The owners, who also are dear friends of the couple, made everything so easy!

Kim and Darren — all my congratulations!! Thank you so much for asking me to be part of your day!


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I was SO excited to get to photograph this young lady!!!! I grew up three doors down from her mom most of my life! I babysat for her uncle (goodness that makes me sound old)! But in all seriousness, when people I’ve known all my life trust me to be their photographer — it’s the biggest compliment and I feel so grateful!!

And now on to Michelle herself — she’s super smart and was such a delight to photograph! I loved chatting with her during our session! She’s such a naturally beautiful girl — inside and out!! I cannot imagine anything but good things coming from her in the future!! In fact, I’m counting on it! All my best to you Michelle!!

Oh one other note — Michelle’s grandma made my wedding cake!! You guys — nothing compares to her cakes!!! I’m telling you, be jealous of this family for getting to eat the best cake EVER for special occasions!!!!

You guys — this first image, the bw — it’s on the all-time favorite list!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I remember watching this girl play junior high basketball and I just loved her from the start!! I’ve been watching her play ever since and I’m going to miss seeing her on the court so much!!

I know she’s going to have the best time in college but I’m getting a little sad thinking about not seeing some of these faces around next year!

Regan — my wishes for you are nothing but the best!! I can’t wait to see what you do!


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