a sweet new life, being wide awake and what is meant to be

i was given the opportunity to photograph this sweet little guy — brand new to the world not too terribly long ago. he was gorgeous and so sweet. and for almost the entire session, he was wide awake.

this little guy was born to some very loving parents. watching them, you would have thought that it might not be their first. i was expecting this type of behavior from mom, but you should have seen this new dad. he was so calm and loving.

not only is this little guy blessed — but so many other children are blessed as well. because you see, this mommy is a teacher. but she isn’t just a teacher. she is so much more to the children in her classroom.

she was my little boy’s first grade teacher and there was a moment when i was in the classroom and witnessed an exchange between her and another little boy. it was a rough morning for this little guy and it was a very busy time of the day. regardless, she gave that little boy her undivided attention as if he was the only person in that room. he needed that. and i bet, for that little boy, that day was just a little better because of her. actually, i’m quite sure of it. that moment touched my heart and i’ll never forget it! i’ve met a few people in my life that seem to be doing exactly what they are meant to be doing. she is definitely one of those people!

thank you for letting me take some pics of your little bundle! it was my pleasure and i hope you are enjoying every minute!  you deserve it!

and the announcement!