having a sister is like having an instant best friend. these girls are so lucky to have each other. i hope they grow up to be the very best of friends.

i have a sister and i highly recommend it! there are a few things i could have done without ~ like playing barbies (i wasn’t much of a barbies girl). i also used to get upset when she would wear my shirts and stretch out the neck area. but, she made up for those things in many other ways and i know how lucky i am to have a sister! (don’t misunderstand ~ i’m absolutely sure she has her list of annoying little sister instances as well…)

girlies ~ thank you so much for letting me take some pics! you are both so, so pretty ~ you should be sure to thank your mommy for that!

this first one ~ big sis is so excited to have little sis ~ and little sis, holding on tight to her best friend ~ definitely one of my favorites!