seven and sassy

she is the other half of the girls i claim as my own sometimes. i talked about her sister here. she turned 7 a couple weeks ago and this birthday wish is late. ssshhhh, don’t tell her!

she’s tiny, smart, so cute and let’s not forget hand-on-her-hip sassy! she’s one of the girliest girls i’ve ever known. they (whoever “they” are) may run out of the color pink because of her…

i’m not sure how such a tiny little thing generates such a large laugh, but when you hear it, it’s contagious. you don’t even need to know what is so funny!

i love having her around! and one of these days, when she sees me out and about unexpectedly ~ maybe, just maybe, she’ll acknowledge me. either way, i love her and am so happy i get to watch her grow up. i can’t wait to see the amazing things she’ll do!

happy birthday little missy!! i love you so much!