when it comes to art, i have never been good at answering this question. i graduated from college with an art degree and when it was time to explain my art at the end of my senior year, i couldn’t do it. i knew i loved it and that i wanted to be creative in some way and that was it, which was enough for me. i didn’t know exactly what my art meant and i was okay with that.

i attended a workshop a few weeks ago (more on that very soon) and the question was asked again. why do you take pictures? and i have been thinking about that question ever since!

last night, a friend asked me to help her think of a reason to convince her husband that she should get her kiddos pictures taken. before i really even knew what i was saying, i was answering the question ~ that question!

so this is why i take pictures (and i have the right to change my mind at any time, just so you know).

i take pictures because it’s important ~ so important ~ to remember…